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August 11, 2020:  SOFA – Do You Need More Qualified Prospects?

Host:  Bob Larsen, Settlement Masters

Guest Speaker:  Jim Chilton, Founder and CEO of SOFA

June 24, 2020:  Do You Want More Referrals from Attorneys and CPA’s?

Host:  Bob Larsen, Settlement Masters

Guest Speaker:  Rick Albrecht, Albrecht & Barney

FSN & BPA’S SPRING SUMMIT:  April 23, 2020



“Finding a Silver Lining for Your Clients in the Coronavirus Crisis”

On April 23rd, FSN & BPA’s all-star Faculty conducted a full-day Zoom webinar on how they planned to address the greatest challenge of our time. Their goal was to share ideas that would help you not just survive but thrive in these tough times, and to better serve your clients!

TRACK 1:  Gary Schulte & Mike Rodman

Opening Remarks and Industry Updates; The New Epoch in Financial Services: A View from Veterans of Four Previous Crises!

TRACK 2: Rao Garuda

How to Open Up Cases in the New Economy

TRACK 3:  Harlan Accola

Part 1: Exciting Opportunities in the Reserve Mortgage Market

TRACK 4:  Harlan Accola

Part 2: Exciting Opportunities in the Reserve Mortgage Market

TRACK 5:  Harlan Accola

Part 3: Exciting Opportunities in the Reserve Mortgage Market

TRACK 6: Bob Larsen

The Golden Opportunities with Life Settlements and Your Fiduciary Obligations to the Affluent Senior Market

TRACK 7:  John House

A Producer’s Story and How to Market Your Own Version

TRACK 8:  Gary Schulte

What We Need to Think About While in the Bunker

TRACK 9:  Don Levin

The Emerging Opportunities of Long Term Care and What It Means to Your Practice in the Post-Corona Virus Environment

TRACK 10:  Gary Schulte

The Benefits of Membership

TRACK 11:  Mike Rodman

Sales Underwriting Ideas from Our Producer Group

TRACK 12:  Mike Rodman

The Best Practices Story and Exit Planning: This is THE Way into the Business Owner Market

TRACK 13:  Gary Schulte & Mike Rodman

Q&A and Closing


Chapter 1:

Mike Rodman and Gary Schulte on BPA & FSN

February 7, 2020

Chapter 2:

John House – Can your tax planning make a difference in the world?

February 14, 2020

Chapter 3:

Don Levin – Long Term Care (1)

February 21, 2020

Chapter 4:

Gary Schulte – The Financial Strategies Network Program of Ten Strategies That Can Change Your Life!

February 28, 2020

Chapter 5:

Rao Garuda – How the Secure Act can Open up New Opportunities for You

March 6, 2020

Chapter 6:

Don Levin – Long Term Care (2)

March 13, 2020

Chapter 7:

Harlan Accola – Reverse Mortgages

March 20, 2020

Chapter 8:

Barry Boscoe – LTC for the Affluent

March 27, 2020

Chapter 9:

Bob Larsen – Life Settlements

April 3, 2020

Chapter 10:

Rao Garuda- Crisis or Opportunity? Making Lemonade out of Lemons

April 10, 2020

Bonus Chapter:

Breaking News from FSN!

April 17, 2020


THE FSN CLIENT ACQUISITION PROCESS (CAP) IS YOUR GPS TO THE FUTURE.  At FSN, we have created a proven client acquisition process for Financial Service Professionals (FSP)…