The FSN Client Acquisition Process (CAP) Is Your GPS to the Future

At Financial Strategies Network, we have created a proven client acquisition process for financial service professionals (FSP).

We believe that the product of today’s financial services professionals is not the solutions they offer to clients, but rather the process by which they arrive at and present those solutions. Otherwise, we will eventually surrender our perceived value to technology and progressive views of the delivery system for our services.

To understand that statement is to understand the very thing that makes us necessary to begin with. The process, not the solution, is what can make the FSP indispensable to his or her clients.

Knowing what must occur to acquire a new client is only half the challenge. To be sure, success cannot occur without touching all of the basis in the FSN CAP. Once we know WHAT needs to be done, it’s the “how” we address the problem.

The how of the solutions we provide is our unique ability and the reason for our fee.

We know how because we have some of the best firsthand experience available. More importantly, we know how to teach the how! And we do it with no holdbacks! Nothing behind the curtain. No magic sauce that members must pay additional premiums for. Our members get everything we’ve got to give. We only ask that they complete our curriculum to become certified in our process. Above all, we ask that they never share the how without collecting a fee!

It is obvious by our many decades on the front line that we won’t be passing this way again. That’s why we want to formalize what we have to pass on through the creation of FSN. We are excited about our offering to the FSP community.

The FSN Client Acquisition Process (CAP) is the foundation of our education and training. It is a proven successful process that we help our members master. CAP is founded on a set of circumstances that decades of experience has taught us must occur in harmony for a successful client relationship to occur.

It is not about selling but about the flow of the client acquisition process itself. A process that must ebb and connect, step by step, for the FSP to be sure that, in every case, he or she is doing the right things right!
When that happens, we have what we call “no-regrets selling,” meaning that if the client could have been acquired, they would have. No looking back or wondering whether you should have done things differently.

There are six basic steps in the flow of the client acquisition process, all of which are taught and drilled in detail at our FSN Summit events.

Your Product Is the Process

  1. Prospecting. Getting in front of enough of the right kind of people under favorable conditions. Easily enough said. A moving target in today’s high-tech world.
  2. Opening cases. This step is what we call “the selling heart,” after a book written by one of our mentors over fifty years ago.
    • Approach—Your value proposition to get an appointment.
    • Discovery—Establishing credibility and trust to uncover problems.
    • Crossover—How to win an engagement and collect a fee.
  3. Developing strategies.
    • Evaluate your discoveries and consider options.
    • Consult your FSN team to make recommendations.
  4. Decision Process software. A sophisticated calculator offering objective choices.
  5. Presenting strategies.
    • Objectivity and prospect engagement in the process.
    • Layered presentations (a one-pager on top of an encyclopedia).
    • An informed decision made by the prospect.
  6. Continuing the cycle with an ongoing prospecting and marketing strategy.

FSN provides the most-qualified faculty in financial services to share their best practices regarding performing these six fundamental steps in the Client Acquisition Process. Register for one of our upcoming events to meet our faculty and learn more about our client acquisition process.