Financial Strategies Network is a membership and partnership organization for financial service professionals (FSPs) who are willing to make an investment in their practice to gain access to a highly qualified and time tested faculty of subject matter experts on insurance based wealth strategies.

Our students come from all corners of financial services. The common trait they all share is the desire to expand their practice by learning strategies and concepts that complement their existing markets.

Our Values

  • Education

    Our faculty consists only of highly successful specialists who are dedicated to not only sharing their life’s achievements but also mentoring our members on their respective career journeys. Our members learn from actual case studies and role-playing with the industry’s best. They also have ready access to our faculty for coaching and guidance up to and including our wiliness to do joint work on a selective basis.

  • Training

    Financial service professionals have been overloaded with precautionary measures and mountains of information, with virtually no industry resources being dedicated to their professional development and success. As a result, we have an industry of dedicated providers who are on their own when it comes to developing skills and talents for their chosen profession. This reality is the reason for the creation of the FSP legacy for our industry.

  • Mentoring & Coaching

    We have had the privilege of knowing and being guided by the example of legendary figures who built our industry. Over the past decades, we have also had the opportunity to mentor and coach dozens of promising young professionals. We have a library of knowledge that cannot be transferred any other way than by one-on-one personal coaching. Mentoring is our greatest legacy, and it is the primary reason for the establishment of FSN.

  • Innovation

    Without innovation no business can survive for long, no matter how disciplined they may be in the processes and systems of running the business. FSN is dedicated to brining our members the most innovative approaches to sound business and tax planning. As new concepts emerge or new applications to established strategies are introduced, we will bring our members the most practical and compliant version available.

Financial Strategies Network believes in awarding qualified members with vested equity in the organization.

What Makes FSN Unique

1. We are player coaches.

Our faculty has been notably successful at what they teach. The training is real time, hands on and filled with testimony from our current members about how our training can lead to enormous production grains and client loyalty.


2. We are industry experts.

The best of the best in virtually every compliant and timely strategy for the above prospects. Not just presenting what they do, but how they do it and making themselves available for members for one on one coaching.


3. We focus on relevant issues for financial service professionals.

Our curriculum focuses on the financial challenges the aging Baby Boomer generation faces; increasing taxes, increasing life expectancy, market exposure and the risks associated with being retired on a fixed income.


4. We prepare business owners for successfully exiting their business.

Our key differentiator is access to business owners and other professionals with their biggest problem: Exit Planning Strategies. Our faculty provides the entire process for the most comprehensive exit planning available to business owners. Our training on this subject is unique in the financial services industry.

Meet Our Faculty